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A Storage Room Ceiling Leak

An Eastvale storage room had significant water damage due to a ceiling leak. Drywall and flooring were affected. The affected area and contents were dried in pl... READ MORE

Flooded Rooftop in Banning

The local Banning Chamber of Commerce suffered serious water damages during a rainstorm. The building’s celling was flooded and multiple areas inside the ... READ MORE

Emergency Packout

This home suffered from a fire that left the entire home damaged. In this particular case, contents had to be removed in order to start the cleanup and restorat... READ MORE

Emergency Packout (2)

The kitchen was among the many rooms affected by the fire and where contents had to be removed and packed out in order to clean the area of soot and smoke. The ... READ MORE

Kitchen Leak in Redlands, CA

This home in Redlands had serious water damage from a water leak coming from their kitchen ceiling during a time of heaving rains. SERVPRO of Beaumont/Banning h... READ MORE

Kitchen Leak in Redlands, CA (Part 2)

Water from the kitchen ceiling leak spread to other areas in the home. Along with the kitchen ceiling, walls and flooring in multiple rooms were also damaged. I... READ MORE

Mold Infestation

This White Water family found mold growth in various areas throughout their home that resulted from a water leak coming from their water heater supply line. Due... READ MORE

Mold Growth from A Water Heater Supply Line Leak

This Hemet family discovered extensive microbial growth in their home, thanks to a water heater supply line leak that went undetected for some time. SERVPRO of ... READ MORE

Water Loss From a Water Supply Line

This family’s Beaumont residence experienced serious water damage coming from a water supply line in the upstairs bathroom. SERVPRO of Beaumont/Banning ha... READ MORE

Damaged Floor Due to A Water Loss

A toilet overflow created inches of standing water in this Beaumont business. SERVPRO of Beaumont/Banning worked around the clock to restore the affected area a... READ MORE